Shopify Redesign and Enhancement for Automic Gold

Project Overview: Automic Gold, a NYC-based fine jewelry brand known for its timeless, genderless, and handmade pieces, sought to modernize their online presence. Launched in 2017, their Shopify-based website needed a refresh to align with modern aesthetics and enhanced usability.

Objectives: The primary goals for the project were to update the website’s user interface to a cleaner, more modern look, streamline the codebase, upgrade the existing Shopify theme, and implement additional features to improve overall site functionality.

Technical Execution: Our team undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the website, which included cleaning up the codebase for faster load times and smoother operation. We upgraded the Shopify theme to leverage the latest web technologies and added new features to enhance the user experience. The project also involved extending our cooperation to include Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services, providing in-depth analysis of customer flow, and troubleshooting ongoing issues.

Special Features Implemented: Key enhancements included advanced editing capabilities that allow the client to independently update content without ongoing developer support, ensuring greater control over site management.

Results and Client Feedback: The revamped website has not only met but exceeded client expectations, offering a more streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly interface. The improvements have facilitated a smoother customer journey, leading to better engagement and satisfaction. The client has appreciated the independence in managing their content, which has significantly reduced their reliance on external development resources.