Pink Shark Marketing – Complete Website Redesign

About the Project

Pink Shark Marketing is a dynamic marketing company striving to stay at the forefront of the industry. They approached us with the task of updating their outdated website to make it modern, functional, and appealing to new clients.

What We Did

Website Redesign:
We conducted a full redesign of the website, creating a fresh and contemporary look that aligns with the company’s image. The new design enhances visual appeal and improves user interaction with the site.

UI/UX Design:
Special attention was given to user experience. We performed a thorough audience analysis and developed an intuitive interface that ensures easy navigation and quick access to necessary information.

Development on WordPress with ACF:
To create a flexible and easily manageable website, we used WordPress in combination with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). This allowed us to customize unique fields and functionalities that meet the client’s needs and simplify the content update process.

Optimization for Client Attraction:
The new website was designed with a focus on attracting and retaining clients. Fast page load times, optimized structure, and attractive design contributed to increased conversions and improved user experience.


Following the launch of the redesigned website, Pink Shark Marketing saw a significant increase in new clients. The modern and functional design, enhanced user experience, and site optimization led to greater interest and trust from potential clients.


The Pink Shark Marketing website redesign project demonstrated how a comprehensive approach to UI/UX design and the use of advanced technologies can significantly improve business performance. We are proud to have helped Pink Shark Marketing achieve their goals and attract new clients through the revamped website.