When launching an online cosmetic store, the choice between WordPress and Shopify can significantly impact your business’s future. With years of experience in e-commerce development, SPLIT Development has guided numerous businesses through this critical decision. Let’s dive into five non-obvious criteria you should consider.

Ease of Management

For entrepreneurs, especially those with limited technical expertise, managing an online store should be straightforward. Shopify shines as a user-friendly platform, offering a streamlined dashboard that simplifies product management, order tracking, and customer service. WordPress, with its WooCommerce plugin, provides unparalleled flexibility but requires a steeper learning curve to navigate its extensive customization options. SPLIT Development supports clients on both platforms, ensuring your store management is as seamless as your customer’s shopping experience.


Your platform should grow with your business. Shopify, designed for e-commerce, easily accommodates business expansion, from adding new products to entering global markets. WordPress offers flexibility through plugins but might require additional hosting solutions and technical adjustments as your traffic increases. Our team at SPLIT Development has expertise in scaling online stores on both platforms, ensuring your cosmetic business thrives without technological constraints.

SEO Capabilities

Visibility in search engines is crucial for online success. WordPress, renowned for its SEO flexibility via plugins like Yoast SEO, allows for detailed optimization strategies. Shopify, however, has made significant strides in improving its SEO capabilities, offering built-in features that cater specifically to e-commerce sites. At SPLIT Development, we leverage the strengths of both platforms to maximize your store’s search engine presence, drawing on our deep understanding of SEO best practices.

Social Media Integration

In the beauty industry, social media is a pivotal marketing channel. Shopify offers effortless integration with platforms like Instagram and Facebook, enabling direct sales through social networks. WordPress, while versatile, may require additional plugins for similar functionality. Our projects at SPLIT Development have demonstrated how effective social media integration can boost brand visibility and sales, making it a key factor in platform selection.

Ownership Costs

Understanding the total cost of ownership is essential. Shopify’s subscription model includes hosting, security, and access to an array of e-commerce features, making it an all-in-one solution. WordPress might seem less expensive initially, but costs for hosting, themes, plugins, and potential development work can add up. We at SPLIT Development help our clients navigate these financial considerations, ensuring you invest wisely in your platform choice.


Choosing between WordPress and Shopify for your cosmetic online store involves more than just comparing features. It’s about aligning the platform with your business goals, technical capacity, and long-term vision. Whether you value ease of use, scalability, SEO capabilities, social media integration, or cost efficiency, SPLIT Development is here to guide you through each step, ensuring your online store not only launches successfully but also grows and thrives in the competitive online marketplace.